Carl Rabito




Welcome to the world of Carl Rabito.  From his PGA Rabito Golf Academies to his new, interactive ebook Golf: The Rabito Way (filled with 42 tutorial videos), you cannot miss the opportunity to improve your game!  Carl Rabito has proven himself time and time again as a master of golf because of his unique but absolutely scientific approach.  His techniques are rooted in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, and will have you wondering, why you are not using the Rabito Way today!


Excerpt from Carl’s new ebook Golf: The Rabito Way:


It’s not that there’s a lack of information out there on how to swing a golf club.  For a sport that is more than 600 years old, there are at least 100 articles a month written on the subject.  A 24-hour cable channel is devoted entirely to the sport.  And that doesn’t count the other “tips” collected from other television and radio outlets, the internet, and of course, friends.  There are currently more than 30,000 golf instructors in the United States alone, yet not one teacher can agree on any one aspect of what amounts to be a one-second activity.  And if 30,000 teachers disagree, what chance does the average golfer have of developing an understanding of a proper golf swing?

So I began a quest that so many others have started but stumbled at, to find THE proper golf swing.  I began studying anything to do with human movement-  taking classes at night, reading books, attending conferences, working with top researchers and doing my own research.  I learned everything possible about the human skeletal system, the nervous system, our anatomical makeup, and how vision affects performance.  I became proficient in the laws of physics, biomechanics, and kinesiology.  Along the way, I became a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach, served as an advisor and consultant in the biomechanical research lab at a major children’s hospital and co-created a golf program for one of the nation’s largest rehabilitation and sports medicine companies. 

Of all the things that I learned on this quest to find the proper golf swing, and I did find it, I discovered two very fascinating things:  the answer was amazingly simple, and there was no one teaching it.”

Find out how to improve your golf game and all about Carl’s teachings in the new ebook Golf: The Rabito Way.