“Golf: The Rabito Way” eBook

As a tour player, young Carl Rabito sought the expertise of many PGA instructors, only to become confused and baffled by the fact that so many were just contradicting each other.  Sensing the frustration, Carl’s father offered him the best advice.

“If you want to learn to be the best golfer, you have to start from the beginning.  You have to go back to school.”

Carl immediately put his golf career on hold and heeded his father’s sage advice.  He returned to college classes and studied all he could on human anatomy and physiology.  However, a medical practice was not his goal.  Instead, he began a lifelong pursuit to correct the fundamental teachings and strategies of golf so that they better align with the mechanics of how our bodies are built.  His teachings are nothing short of amazing, and hist first book Golf: The Rabito Way, takes this to an all new level.

Carl Rabito is a trainer, mentor, and a world class coach.  With his recipe for success that focuses on the physical, intellectual, and emotional components of his students, Carl strives to create not only better athletes, but people.  Golf: The Rabito Way, is a heavy weight of scientifically proven techniques that Carl has studied and refined for decades.  This intimate knowledge of golf and how to improve your game is the culmination of Carl’s experiences and education as a PGA Golf Pro and as a student of anatomy and physiology.

Get in the game in ways you never imagined possible!  Golf: The Rabito Way teaches you how to improve and play in ways that the human body is supposed to.  What makes this revolutionary is that Carl’s teachings and strategies are not being taught anywhere else, and that their development is only rooted in the science of the body and physics.

Carl’s principles and teachings, quite simply, just work.  The reason is that each method is not based upon fads or trends or from watching and disseminating popular players, but from rigorous study of the mechanics of how the human body works, and doesn’t work.  When Carl applies this methodology and teaching to golf, magic happens.  This is not a gimmick.  It is not a sales pitch.  Bottom line, with a focus on biomechanics, the physics of the sport and the laws of the human body collide in an easy to understand, easy to follow, step by step process that will allow you to improve your game today.

Learn the best techniques from Carl Rabito.  With the focus placed upon the mechanics and physics of the game and human body, Carl’s teachings have not only improved golf technique, but has also improved the performance of many other and diverse athletes from baseball players to pole vaulters.  Knowing and understanding anatomy and physiology improves all athletics, and the new ebook Golf: The Rabito Way makes the learning process fun and intuitive.  Plus, Carl’s one-of-a-kind, infectious personality will be challenging you to the next level, not only in athletics, but in all areas of success in your life.

Join the revolution today with the new ebook Golf: The Rabito Way.  Available for all portable internet devices like Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch, Android Tablets, Kindle, Nook, or Apple and PC desktops and laptops, this interactive ebook will easily outline all the fundamentals and strategies to improving your golf game.  Plus, videos are available in each section, so that once you read about a technique, Carl will personally demonstrate how it is done.  Informative and entertaining, Golf: The Rabito Way is a must have for golf fans of any experience level.  From novice beginners to intermediates to life-long experienced veterans, all golf players will find ways to improve and advance their game.  Special sections even include photographic 360s of Carl’s techniques where images may be manipulated by the user to view all angles.  Learning and improving has never been this fun.

America’s Coach: The Rabito Way is available from iTunes, iBooks, Amazon, Google Play, Android App Store, and wherever ebooks are sold.

There’s an App for That!

For additional information, or for learning on the go, select tips and additional techniques, videos, blog, and more from Carl are available in America’s Coach: The Rabito Way the App.  Now there is an app for all golf lovers as well!  Just simply download to your Apple or Android smart phone for an easy and intuitive experience all golfer enthusiasts will benefit from.  Available from Apple iTunes, Android App Store, Google Play, and everywhere apps are sold.